FPA launches new consumer website

The Financial Planning Association has launched a new consumer website called FPA Difference as part of Financial Planning Week, which ends this coming Sunday.

The new website, called the FPA Difference, features the 'Ask an Expert' online forum, the 'Find a Planner' directory and a guide to the Future of Financial Advice (FOFA) reforms in plain English, amongst other tools.

FPA chief Mark Rantall said the website aims to encourage Australians to address their financial situation and discover the value of financial advice.

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"We believe that our plain English guide to FOFA reforms is the only resource of its type available to consumers," Rantall said.

"It is important for us to invest in the website to refresh it regularly and provide practical tools, useful information and multi-media aids for consumers.

"With 10,000 members who are equally committed to our consumer advocacy cause, the new website also provides a valuable tool for members to use with their clients," he added.

Rantall also cited research from Investment Trends, which showed that 27 per cent of surveyed consumers would use the FPA website to find a new financial planner, 24 per cent would do a Google search and 16 per cent would visit the Australian Securities and Investments Commission's website.

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