Former ANZ AR convicted

Former authorised representative of ANZ-owned Millenium3, Melinda Scott (also known as Melinda Fletcher), has been convicted of managing a corporation whilst disqualified.

Scott was previously disqualified from managing corporations for 25 years, until 2 December, 2037 and permanently banned from providing any financial services following court orders obtained by ASIC in 2012.

Scott appeared in the Downing Centre Local Court on 14 December, 2021, and was conditionally released on a two year bond with a $1,000 recognizance, under s20(1)(a) of the Crimes Act 1914.

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Following an Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) investigation, it was alleged that between 5 August, 2019 and about 9 February, 2021, Scott:

  • Incorporated Driven by Results and acted as the company’s sole director, sole shareholder and sole employee;
  • Used Driven by Results to conduct business as a chauffeur driver; and
  • Opened and operated three bank accounts held in the name of Driven by Results while listed as the sole signatory.

In 2015, Scott was jailed for three years and 10 months for defrauding over 150 clients over two decades.

The matter was prosecuted by the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions.

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Has anybody read the ASIC MR?

It is really disgusting. She was banned from being a Financial Planner back in 2012.
The offence that she was convicted and charged on was being a director of a company even though she was banned from this.

Questions / Comments:

1. We have an absolute uphill battle in getting ASIC to ever respect us. There was no need to mention that she was previously a FP (over 9 years ago) especially in the heading of the media release.

2. I thought that you had to apply to be a director of a company. Its good to see ASIC went ahead with her registration.

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