ClearView extends hand to AFSL holders

As rumours swirl about the demise of the dealer group, ClearView has announced a dealer services offering that would give financial advisers who want to gain and manage their own Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL) access to the company’s back office.

The offering, LaVista Licensee Solutions, would allow licensees to either cherry-pick the services they wanted, such as compliance and monitoring, technical help and marketing, or select an off-the-shelf package. This would include advice documents and templates and training.

The financial services company said that small to medium size firms increasingly wanted the autonomy and flexibility of being self-licensed but did not want to run a complete back office. LaVista would also offer assistance to advisers applying for AFSLs.

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“We recognise that being part of a dealer group isn’t the right option for everyone but through LaVista they can have the best of both worlds,” ClearView general manager, group licensee, Todd Kardash, said.

“Our goal is not to tell advisers how to run their business but to help them meet their legal obligations so they can focus on seeing clients and growing their business, confident that nothing is slipping through the cracks.”

ClearView also announced three appointments alongside the product launch. Mike Pope was appointed chief executive of LaVista, Allison Dummett chief executive of Matrix Planning Solutions and ClearView Financial Advice, and Tanya Seale chief operating officer, Licensee Solutions.

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