AMP offers pro bono advice for bushfire victims

AMP will partner with its advisers to offer free financial advice to both AMP clients and the general public.

They join other organisations like the Financial Planning Association, Australian Financial Complaints Authority and Financial Services Council who had all offered support in the last week.

AMP had also put together a disaster relief package for its clients impacted by the bushfires, which included:

  • Waiving of certain bank fees for customers requiring urgent access to their funds;
  • Temporarily postponing home loan repayments or extending the term of a loan;
  • If the Australian Tax Office (ATO) had assessed a customer was eligible on compassionate grounds, releasing superannuation funds early to help with medical and other expenses; and
  • A one-off, three-month waiver from paying AMP life, total and permanent disability (TPD), trauma, income protection and business expenses insurance premiums.
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Alex Wade, AMP chief executive, said the initiative would help individuals and families on their road to recovery.

“We have advisers in local communities across many of the impacted areas who would like to help people get back on their feet,” Wade said.

“AMP has a long history of supporting Australians through tough times and we’ll help those affected by this disaster however we can.”

Affected Australians could call AMP’s banking enquiries phoneline on 13 30 30.

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Australians need AMP all the bad apples are gone

It wasn't bad apples Gary, its the management, management that are still doing over advisers and are trying every trick in the book to try to stay relevant. They are now offering free advice, I would be interested to see if anyone takes that up, after all you get what you pay for in life. How many amp advisers have been banned lately, not many, if any at all. So this tells you that people above the advisers are the rotten apples. The untouchable puppets with the fat cat bonuses. Are you trying to pump up the share price or something, as maybe hot copper would be a better forum for that?

Um, no actually. The whole tree, up from the roots and every limb, is rotten. Can't wait for this to play out and for you to see how it all ends - badly.

they have some of the best new people on the board trying to turn the buisness around and streamline the business for the future and in my opinlon they will succeed

AMP is very stong and is a great investment the management are the best of the best you have no idea what you are talking about

Has AMP outsourced its online PR to Eastern Europe? I have a sneaking suspicion "gary sinclair" may live in Ukraine, is not a native English speaker, and has never been to Australia in his/her life. Another great Alex Wade innovation?

Why the [email protected]# would you want to go to AMP to get advice. The Royal Commission just exposed what most advisers knew for years about AMP, that being just how terrible AMP products are. Just look at what they've done to their own advisers. I just keep on thinking about why the logo of AMP is on page 500 in small letters of most AMP planners website. That says a lot about AMP, it's morals, it's ethics and the people who choose to work there.

your facts are incorrect and have nothing to do with the article the fact is AMP is trying to help Australians in a time of need

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