Your tabs tell a lot about you

At the AFA conference, Outsider learnt a valuable lesson. If you have to do a PowerPoint presentation and you choose to include screenshots of websites, ensure you close all other tabs and favourited tabs. Unless of course, you wish to brag.

AFA national president, Marc Bineham quickly realised this when he began his presentation in a session on advice vs non advice, and where the fine line lies. He chose to use website screenshots to demonstrate how he was using them to engage with his clients.

Outsider did not have to be a keen observer to realise his favourited tabs: Liverpool FC, English Premier League, Liverpool. In case we were in any doubt on who he supports.

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Which got Outsider to thinking, if his teammates at Money Management had suffered from the same 
oversight, what favourited tabs would their screenshots entail?

An assortment of golf, The Bachelor/Bachelorette, Bollywood, figure skaters… and possibly something related to Poland.

Outsider will not venture into the non-G rated favourited tabs.

Clear history.

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