You won’t die wondering what P2 thinks

Given that this is the last Money Management print edition before the festive season, Outsider believes it is appropriate to launch a new award – the Outsider/Money Management you won’t die wondering award.

It is an award that is up there with giving someone a warning shot right between the eyes.

And the winner of the inaugural award is (drum roll) none other than the Association of Financial Advisers general manager of policy and professionalism, Phil Anderson.

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Anderson is, of course, P2 alongside the AFA’s P1, its chief executive, Phil Kewin, but the judges awarded Anderson the inaugural gong because of his outspoken defence of the industry against all comers in 2019 from Royal Commissioner, Kenneth Hayne, to the entire board of the Financial Adviser Standards and Ethics Authority (FASEA).

Indeed, if there were any doubts about P2 being named the inaugural winner they were scotched by his latest missive to members in which he not only accused the FASEA board of trying to rewrite the law but also enjoined the industry to reject the code of ethics and ask the Government to delay on its commencement.

Outsider feels sure that Phil’s message has been received loud and clear and his award certificate is in the mail.

Outsider is not game to ask P2 what he thinks.

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