You know things are bad when the free tucker dries up

20 March 2020

Outsider felt a pang of disappointment when the CMSF conference in Adelaide was called off due to the ever evolving COVID-19 pandemic. 

While Outsider thought this was the responsible decision by the AIST to not go ahead as practicing social distancing was important, he lamented on all the free food he was going to miss out on.

With stock flying off the shelves as senseless people panic buy and hoard, Outsider thought he could at least bank on a couple days of not worrying about his meals. Anyone who knows Outsider will know that he will turn up to the opening of an envelope if it is accompanied by a cupcake. 

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Now that events are being cancelled left, right, and centre, and working from home means no office groceries, Outsider wondered when his next free meal would be, even if it was just a muesli bar.

Outsider knows he is lamenting on first world problems and there are people in very dire situations at the moment, so he hopes readers of Money Management are practicing social distancing and are not hoarding for these are times for everyone to work together (at a distance) to get through the pandemic.

The worst will be over when Outsider can be seen grazing at the industry’s expense.

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