You can run, but can you really hide?

10 July 2020

Outsider has often contemplated owning a little pied a terre – somewhere to which he can retreat when the vicissitudes of life at Money Management Central become a little too much. Indeed, for some years he has had his aspirational eye on something around Nelson Bay.

But, as Outsider has discovered, the ownership of such a hideaway does not come without cost and Mrs O has ever been one to keep a grip on the purse strings lest your correspondent does something thoroughly spontaneous, irrational and possibly enjoyable.

And, in any case, in these COVID-19 times it seems that Governments are inclined to apply rules to when a gentleperson can retreat to their summer palace and therefore risk placing pressure on provincial medical infrastructure which might not be able to cope.

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Why, even a NSW Government minister momentarily lost his job for being spotted in his beachside bungalow and so Outsider simply remains hunched over his laptop, dreaming of better days ahead.

He mentions this only because of reports that, in the face of an impending six-week lockdown those Melbournians who evidently can afford a beachside pied a terre, were seen heading south in droves to, it is assumed, endure their 42 days of inconvenience in a more relaxed setting.

On this basis, Outsider shall be paying close attention during any Zoom or telephone conferences with his contacts in Victoria to determine whether he can hear the crash of waves on the beach or, as seems more likely, the hubbub of children doing home schooling.

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