Will Cooper find a new panorama?

Outsider wonders where his old mate Brad Cooper will turn up when he finally exits Westpac after well over a decade with the big banking group.

And, of course, one of Cooper’s legacies will be the bank’s multi-million dollar platform – BT Panorama – something which Outsider believes will continue to make its mark on the bank’s balance sheet for many years to come.

It seems that Cooper will be staying on long enough to ensure a smooth transition of his division into the Business and Consumer divisions and to wave goodbye to the 175 or so BT Financial Advice salaries advisers and other management and support staff who will be moving into new digs with Viridian Advisory.

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Doubtless Cooper will also play a role in seeing off those working under the Securitor and Magnitude licenses.

According to Westpac chief executive, Brian Hartzer, Cooper has “indicated that he will leave to seek a new leadership role outside the Group”.

Outsider wishes Cooper all the best in his new challenge. Perhaps it involves a whole new panorama.

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