Weighing anchor on franking credits

Why? Because the ABC chose to interview one of those complaining about the Australian Labor Party’s policy removing franking credits aboard his somewhat impressive motor launch moored in a better than average marina.

It seems the poor chap had complained to the ABC about its earlier coverage of the franking credits issue and then, apparently, agreed to be interviewed on his launch complaining about the manner in which removal of the franking credits refund would impact his retirement income.

Now it is a long time since Outsider thought too much about political spin-doctoring, but he suspects that the chap in question would have created a better impression of loss if he had made his argument from the cold, hard seat of a two metre tinny than the well-padded stern chair of his motor launch.

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As an old hack, Outsider knows that there are some interviewees who just deliver more than you expect.


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