Uncomfortable stablemates

As the May Federal Election looms ever closer, Outsider notes that the polls are suggesting that it remains pretty much a two-horse race, with one particular horse carrying Winx-like odds.

Thus, he very much enjoyed participating on a panel at the recent Financial Services Council (FSC) Life Insurance Conference with former Prime Minister, Tony Abbott’s near neighbour, insurance industry operative and Young Liberal stalwart, Jason Falinski.

Falinski is, of course, the member for the Sydney northern beaches electorate of Mackellar, which adjoins that of Tony Abbott’s Warringah, and was for many years the electoral fortress of former House of Representatives speaker and Liberal Party valkerie Bronwyn Bishop.

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Of course, if Outsider’s failing memory serves him correctly, Tony Abbott once described himself as the political love child of Bishop and former Prime Minister, John Howard which begs the question: how one should then describe Falinski’s relationship with Abbott? - Adopted half-brother, perhaps.

Knowing that Abbott is facing an unprecedented amount of competition for his seat at this year’s election, Outsider sought to press Falinski for his views on the matter only to be told that Tony had been and would continue to be a fine representative for the people of Warringah.

All of which tends to confirm that not much has changed since the moderate Falinski won pre-selection for MacKellar ahead of Abbott’s preferred candidate who happened not to be Bronwyn Bishop. 

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