Turning a certain age

As a man of a certain age, Outsider might be forgiven for not being keen to celebrate his birthday when it rolls around each year. 

What was once full of excitement, presents and balloons becomes a reminder of the passing of time that Outsider would rather not contemplate without a single malt whisky at his side.

However, unlike One Nation Senator Pauline Hanson, he does still know what date his birthday is.

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Hanson came under fire in the Senate last month regarding her amendments to a superannuation bill for those people aged 67 or above. Conveniently, Hanson told the chamber that she had, in fact, just turned 67 the day before which would put her in line for a pay rise if her amendments passed. 

Later on in the debate, she retracted her statement and said she had actually turned 67 earlier in May, much to the confusion and amusement of her fellow Senators.

Having done some light Googling, Outsider can confirm her birthday is indeed in May and sympathises with the Senator that, once you pass 65, you don’t think on your feet quite so quickly anymore.

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