Trumped up analysis

Outsider has always gained value out of listening to Magellan chief executive and co-founder, Hamish Douglass and he expects that this week’s annual Magellan adviser roadshow in Sydney will be no different.

After all, the central theme is “Are we being Trumped” and comprises images of the spray-tanned man (Trump) himself, Chinese president, Xi Jinping, North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un, German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, Russian leader, Vladimir Putin and British Prime Minister, Theresa May.

Given everything that has happened this year and the impact on markets, Outsider is expecting a lively session of analysis from Douglass and is fascinated to hear what the Magellan boss can extract from former CIA Director, Mike Morell, who is also on the program.

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However whatever Douglass comes up with in terms of “Are we being Trumped”, Outsider doubts it will be as funny as US Comedian John Mulaney’s allusion to the Trump presidency being tantamount to setting a horse loose in a hospital.

Then again, Australia has become all too used to asses being in Parliament so we can trump that.

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