Those who have left their mark on financial services

As we draw ever closer to the 18 May Federal Election, Outsider believes it is worth reminding readers that while we may have had no fewer than five Prime Ministers over the past four Parliaments we have actually had far more financial services ministers.

So, for the benefit of those with short memories, Outsider provides the following list of those who have made a greater or lesser mark/stain on financial services:

  • Stuart Robert;
  • Kelly O’Dwyer;
  • Josh Frydenberg;
  • Mathias Cormann;
  • Arthur Sinodinos;
  • David Bradbury; and
  • Bill Shorten.

Outsider suggests that those who want to know who will be taking care of the portfolio after 18 May should consult with the bookies because the pollsters don’t seem to be able to agree on anything.


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