Supping tea with the oracle

6 September 2019

Regular readers of Outsider will remember that he recently questioned what, precisely, born again One Nation Senator, Malcolm Roberts, would bring to last month’s Financial Services Council (FSC) Summit in Sydney.

Outsider can now answer that question – plenty of quizzical looks and the odd blush.

Outsider first noticed the good Senator during a morning tea break when financial services chief executives hob-nobbed, sipped their lattes, nibbled scones, compared notes and hypothesised about the future of AMP.

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Amid such glorified and senior company, Outsider wondered who Roberts had chosen to button-hole to advance his knowledge of the financial services industry only to find that the Senator was deep in conversation with one of Outsider’s young reporter colleagues, Chris Dastoor.

Outsider later asked Dastoor what he had learned from his discussion with Roberts and, allowing for the fact that Dastoor may have been trying to maintain the exclusivity of his contacts, he discovered that Roberts believed Australian politics was in a mess.

Accurate? Yes. But no news there.

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