Spooked about recession or just a bit bored?

Thanks to the guys at Fidelity International, Outsider has discovered that Australians are a timid lot because they can be spooked by things like recessions.

Indeed, Fidelity’s cross asset investment specialist, Anthony Doyle went to the trouble of looking at Google search trends (you need to get a life or a hobby Tony) and found that they suggest that Australians are becoming increasingly concerned about the outlook for the economy.

Apparently, Aussies have been searching the term “Australian recession” in numbers not seen since the global financial crisis.

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While Anthony Doyle’s analysis is undoubtedly valid, Outsider reckons the search activity has more to do with the end of the footy season, Australia’s untimely exit from the Rugby World Cup and the gap between the end of the Ashes in the UK and the start of the cricket season here in Australia.

Notwithstanding this analysis, and given he is writing on Halloween, Outsider is delighted to share Fidelity’s graphic.

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