Something to Bragg about

Senator Andrew Bragg, considered by very few to be a friend of the super industry, has once again called into question whether it was fair for compulsory public funds to be used to fund a publication that can be used for “political attacks”.

Don’t worry, he’s not referring to Money Management, but of The New Daily.

Industry Super Holdings, of which industry super funds are a key benefactor, owns The New Daily which hasn’t been kind to Bragg’s attacks on the industry.

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“If you look at the content on this platform, it’s political propaganda which sits there and smears people, it is not an independent media outlet,” Bragg said.

Merit of the attacks aside, Outsider would note that being attacked by the media is a badge of honour.

Now Money Management has never viewed itself as a mud-slinging propaganda outfit, but margins in the industry are tight and, for the right price, perhaps Outsider would be wise to consider becoming a political attack dog.

The New Daily currently boasted 1.7 million subscribers – this is quite the gargantuan subscription base, which perhaps Outsider’s audience might not be able to match.

That is, until you discount the fact APRA is investigating AustralianSuper for adding its two million members to the subscription base without any approval.

But Outsider could never stoop to inappropriately taking on an unsolicited mailing list.

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Poor Senator Bragg - likes to dish out but can't take being dished back.

Looks more like a case of Industry Super "dishing out" peoples information - without consent. Correct me if this assumption is wrong please Hedware?

How do your draw that assumption from the colloquial ‘dish’?

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