Social distancing-induced Freudian slip on Twitter

1 May 2020

As a man of a certain age, Outsider wouldn’t say he enjoys using modern technology. He also understands that weeks of Government-enforced social distancing rules can drive a man to drink. 

So, he was amused that even a Nobel prize couldn’t stop Professor Peter Morgan from accidentally searching his local bottle-o opening times on Twitter. 

The Melbourne-based professor, who specialises in immunology and won a Nobel prize for medicine in 1996, was caught out by tweeting out to his 32,000 followers “Dan Murphy opening times” rather than searching for them on Google. 

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The tweet went viral, receiving over 10,000 likes, with followers commenting that his inadvertent message summed up the nation’s feelings over social distancing..

The good professor later explained his error as “too much time in front of a screen” and said he’d gained 1,100 new followers in the aftermath.

“The days just run into each other…day on day…tweet on tweet…this way lies madness. Wires got crossed, too much time in front of a screen,” he tweeted.

For Outsider, he would never think to make this mistake. Not only does he have millennial colleagues to type his tweets for him, he also has a delivery subscription for the finest malt whisky, negating the need for any trips to the bottle shop.

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