A small deposit brings a lot of luck

Outsider was momentarily concerned for the health of one of his young colleagues last week when she entered the office declaring that she had been in an “accident”.

He was much relieved to learn that the “accident” involved the mid-flight excretions of one of our feathered friends and thus was not so much an “accident” as an “unfortunate mishap” and something which Granny O once told Outsider brought with it luck. And be in no doubt, Granny O was a woman who knew her shite.

Still, Outsider was reminded of a little ditty from his childhood:

A little bird came flying by
And dropped a poop in Outsider's eye
Don't cry Outsider, don't cry
Just thank God that cows don't fly.

In these days of so much concern about the Hermit Kingdom “dropping the big one”, Outsider reckons his young colleague was, as Granny O rightly said, “lucky”.

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