Sleepy Joe Awakens

Outsider has previously mused over Donald Trump’s messaging cutting through in Australia, with the “Sleepy Joe” moniker catching on with the delegates at the Association of Financial Advisers annual conference last month.

Although it’s not a surprise that American trends catch on in Australia – after all, we have just celebrated Halloween – it was rather interesting to watch “Sleepy Joe” run up the stage to deliver his victory speech to the shock of Trump supporters who were still unconvinced pre-election polling was right and that President-elect Biden would drop dead by 4 November.

It did feel like it took a while for Sleepy Joe to awaken as it wasn’t until mail-in votes in key swing states started getting counted that he took the lead.
And for all the doom and gloom around the “socialist” agenda of the Democratic Party, markets have historically performed well under Democratic administrations.

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Despite the result still being challenged by the Trump campaign and the President refusing to concede, legal experts have said the challenges are toothless and markets quickly moved on from the pre-election uncertainty.

The Trump campaign has continued claims of voter fraud, most notably booking the parking lot of Four Seasons Total Landscaping to hold a press conference, rather than the hotel of a similar name.

Pre-COVID, Money Management would host several events a year, including bookings at the Four Seasons Hotel, and we now have a greater appreciation for our staff who are able to call the correct businesses, as it turns out this isn’t a straightforward task.

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