Seeking a ministerial presence

Outsider tips his cap to the Minister for Revenue and Financial Services, Kelly O’Dwyer who has been successfully balancing the demands of motherhood with the running of a tricky portfolio.

And perhaps it is the demands of that balancing act that mean that securing the physical presence of the minister at an industry event or conference can be a challenging exercise.

In Outsider’s experience, industry participants are more likely to see O’Dwyer on a video screen at a conference than they are to see her in person, something which he noted was the case at the Financial Services Council’s recent Retirement Incomes event in Sydney.

Of course, in a Parliamentary sitting period and with members of the Coalition falling like flies under the burden of Section 44 of the Constitution, Outsider can understand why many senior members of the Government need to keep a physical presence in Canberra while maintaining a virtual presence elsewhere.

O’Dwyer has had two children while holding down one of the most contentious of the Government’s portfolios which suggests that she is good at multi-tasking and probably has a solid team backing her in.

Outsider wonders whether 2018 will be the year in which the minister moves beyond a virtual presence, particularly with respect to Money Management events.




Kelly O'Dwyer has done an appalling job at overseeing financial services legislation during her term and even more so in regard to the Life Insurance Framework legislation. She is nothing more than a puppet of the Financial Services Council and has directly and deliberately played into the hands of big business profits to leave advisers behind in a sea of unnecessary red tape, compliance burden and negative financial impact on cash flow and business values.
As a representative of a Liberal Govt in a free market economy, she has done all she can to effectively destroy the value of quality, advised risk insurance advice and to play into the hands of the large insurers peddling inferior direct insurance product in the name of profit, but at the expense of the consumer.
So, a multi-tasker she may well be, but it just shows she is really good at doing many things poorly all at once.
Oh, and by the way....she should never have twice previously accepted donations from the FSC via the Higgins Electorate Conference because this just isn't a good look when conflict of interest is so high on the agenda.

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