Putting money on The Sixth Sense

Outsider is a pretty trivial person but as he gets older he is finding harder to enjoy participating in trivia nights, mostly because they involve questions directed at Gen Ys and Millennials rather than the Baby Boomers such as himself.

It seems Outsider shares this issue with Fiducian’s Indy Singh – something which became obvious at Money Management's recent Fintech, Platforms, and Wraps Conference on the Gold Coast.

Someone, clearly a Millennial, decided to entertain conference delegates with a trivia night accompanying the gala dinner and Indy and Outsider found themselves struggling to answer a number of the questions, particularly those involving television shows and ‘pop’ songs after about 1996.

Thus, when Outsider finally believed he knew one of the answers – the movie from whence came the quote “I see dead people” – he promptly told Indy to write down “Sixth Sense”.

It says much about Indy’s focus that the Outsider/Indy team actually lost points because, obviously, “Six Cents” was the wrong answer.

Sometimes you just hear what you want to hear.

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