Perky heads for the Darling Park revolving door

26 June 2020

There have been lots of personnel changes at the Commonwealth Bank since its former child actor chief executive, Ian Narev, was succeeded by the current chief executive, Matt Comyn not to mention the fact that CBA has now largely exited wealth management.

So Outsider should not have been particularly surprised to have heard the news that among those heading for the revolving exit door at CBA’s Darling Park headquarters is

Marianne Perkovic who rose and rose within the bank’s wealth management business under Narev’s reign and has more recently seemed secure enough as executive general manager, Commonwealth Private.

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But everything has its season and as summer turned to autumn there was talk that winter was Comyn where the Private Bank hierarchy was concerned. Outsider hears tell that CBA staff were informed of Perkovic’s impending departure around a fortnight ago.

Now Outsider has known ‘Perky’ Perkovic for quite a few years and he well remembers her rise and rise through the ranks of Barry Lambert’s Count Financial and her further rise to the top of Commonwealth Financial Planning. Not even childbirth could slow her career progression.

As with any career there have been highlights and low points, but for Perkovic perhaps the lowest point came when she fronted the Royal Commission into Misconduct in the Banking, Superannuation and Financial Services industry and found herself being accused by counsel assisting of “obfuscating” as she sought to explain why certain decisions had been taken at CFP. Apparently it is unwise to bill dead people.

There were those who suggested Perky’s Royal Commission appearance would be career-limiting and two years’ later Perkovic is heading out to pastures new.

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