Is Outsider a poor man’s David Whiteley?

7 May 2018

There are some jobs which Outsider knows can never be his and so he accepts that he will never be the successor to David Whiteley as chief executive of Industry Super Australia.

There are a number of reasons for Outsider’s ineligibility, and Whiteley would know most of them, but your humble correspondent was nonetheless fascinated to read the national advertisements posted by ISA seeking candidates for the CEO role.

Measuring himself against the criteria outlined in the ad, Outsider acknowledges that he would probably fall at the first hurdle in that he is undoubtedly incapable of exhibiting a “demonstrable alignment with the values of Industry Super Funds” but, on the other hand, he believes he does have “an ability to communicate publicly through the media and speaking engagements”.

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He can also do lunch and attend sporting events, but perhaps that is not critical.

Outsider also notes that applications are to be addressed to the chairman of Industry Super Australia, former NSW Liberal leader, Peter Collins, so it is possible that some common ground might be found over a glass or two of chardonnay.

But, at the end of the day, Outsider simply accepts the fact that he is no David Whiteley and he is grateful for that.

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