Is Outsider ‘elderly’ or only as old as he feels?

Outsider has discovered something disturbing. According to the medicos and the Government he is elderly.

Now Outsider is not going to reveal his age but suffice to say that amid all the brouhaha around COVID-19, he learned he fell into a cohort of people deemed more than a little bit susceptible to the virus.

What is more, and to Outsider’s great distress, there is no clear evidence that a daily dose of single malt will help see off the infernal infection, though he keeps on trying.

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But what Outsider has found particularly disturbing are suggestions by some economic writers that he and his ‘elderly’ peers should be prepared to sacrifice themselves and their health on the altar of  the interests of the younger generations; to enable the economy to open up and restore the millennials and the Gen Y’s to their jobs.

Outsider is not opposed to getting the economy back in action and younger workers back on the job, it’s just that as a student of history he is reminded of the Nazi’s

“Lebensunwertes Leben” policy – the life not worthy of living.

Outsider is prepared to take his chances, but so long as there are golf courses, bottles of single malt and the grandkids, life is certainly worth living for this old codger.

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