One way ticket for Poms

29 May 2020

Outsider was relieved but not particularly surprised to read that over half of British expats would not move back to their UK motherland – and not just because one of his best and most modest journalists is a Pom. 

Even though it’s winter in Australia, Outsider can see what the appeal is for this English rose choosing to stay here rather than return to a UK which appears to have gone from Brexit to being totally ‘Borised’. 

With a special adviser breaking lockdown laws by visiting a castle to “test his eyes” and a scruffy-haired Prime Minister who is clearly struggling to run the country during a pandemic as COVID-19 deaths mount into the scores of thousands, Australia’s Scotty from Marketing isn’t looking so bad through English eyes. 

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Then again, Outsider’s English expat colleague tells him that the reason expats may not be leaving anytime soon is because there are no international flights which, he agrees, does present a slight problem. Why, even the First Fleeters could eventually hope to ship home. 

Never mind, she is far from alone on our shores as the Australian Bureau of Statistics reports there are nearly a million Brits seeking a better life and why you can possibly still hear some whining even though there are fewer planes arriving at our international airports. 

Outsider just hopes they know which team to support during the Ashes.

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