Not wimping out of an opportunity

Outsider was amused when he caught wind that ex-Centrepoint Alliance CEO Angus Benbow had surfaced at a place one might call ‘worlds apart’ from his previous firm.

You see, Benbow left Centrepoint at the end of May and is now co-CEO and chief risk officer at mixed martial arts gym technology platform 
Wimp 2 Warrior.

It seems Benbow will be using his tech deployment skills to further transform the already global company.

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Outsider wondered what Benbow knew about mixed martial arts but stopped abruptly as he felt his muscles pull even just thinking about such a sport and did not want to hurt himself. 

Outsider is not sure whether he could make such a leap like Benbow into the deep unknown depths of a completely different sector.

Perhaps that means Outsider will remain a ‘wimp’. But Outsider knows what he likes and what he likes is a job that gives him access to free lunches, when there are no lockdowns of course.

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