Not all reigns end in pain

Outsider wishes Linda Elkins well as she moves from her role as executive general manager at Colonial First State (CFS) to her new gig as National Sector Leader for Asset and Wealth Management at major consultancy, KPMG.

However, he is reminded that the Elkins departure from CFS is significant in terms of women in leadership over at the Commonwealth Bank – something which was front and centre during the reign of former chief executive and one-time child thespian, Ian Narev.

At the height of Narev’s rule, Outsider recalls that it was not just Elkins who rose to power but also Annabelle Spring who was running the wealth business before it sailed into the rough waters of the Royal Commission into Misconduct in the Banking, Superannuation and Financial Services Industry.

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Then too, there was the somewhat more modest but no less auspicious ascendancy of Marianne Perkovic in Spring’s duchy of wealth before she moved off into the somewhat more genteel environment of private banking.

Unlike Elkins and Perkovic, Spring never actually fronted the Royal Commission and is now apparently happily domiciled in London and working for HSBC where events in the colonies and the resultant Royal Commission transcripts seem most unlikely to cloud her days in the city.

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