Nag, nag, nag but the horses have bolted

Outsider spent a reasonable portion of his working life strolling the corridors of the Federal Parliament and thus, he thinks he knows a thing or two about how the system works when it comes to the production line involved in turning Government policy into legislation.

He therefore thought Treasury Retirement Income Policy division head, Robert Jeremenko was being a little twee when he noted that a certain major insurer had been lobbying Senators and Members of the House of Representatives with respect to the Government’s bills impacting insurance inside superannuation.

Jeremenko suggested it would have been nice if the insurance company had come to the Treasury first.

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Which Outsider believes might have been an entirely reasonable request if the legislation in question had not already been introduced to the Parliament and about to be voted on by the Senators and members in question.

Outsider believes it is entirely pointless to seek to bolt a stable door when the Government’s legislative nags are already running.

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