Mix a Bad Egg with Rice and what do you get?

10 July 2020

Outsider has made it a rule never to attend either school or company reunions. Why? Because he does not wish to rub shoulders with those who peaked in high school or those who could not find an exit from a job they claimed to dislike.

But he notes that tyro NSW Liberal Senator, Andrew Bragg, has no such hang-ups and has been slotted to appear at his old workplace, the Financial Services Council, to discuss/debate superannuation policy with Rice Warner founder, Michael Rice.

Now Outsider happens to have known both Bragg and Rice for quite a while and he is more than a little aware of their different debating styles, so he is betting that Bragg will promote the hell out of his book highly critical of the superannuation regime, Bad Egg, while Rice will draw on his actuarial background to counter some of the of the wilder Bragg assertions.

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In the meantime, the reality for both will be that thousands of superannuation fund members will be seeking to make use of the Government’s hardship early access superannuation scheme, with the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) predicting a surge prompted by the opening of the second tranche on 1 July.

Outsider notes that when Bragg takes the lift up to the FSC headquarters at Sydney’s 44 Market Street he will at least feel a little at home with his erstwhile policy colleague Blake Briggs having returned from the banking world to become deputy chief executive.

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