Million dollar entrée to some Miami vice

And here was Outsider thinking that Royal Commissions and an end to grandfathered commissions had spelled an end to financial advisers’ salad days. Well perhaps for some, but not others.

While Outsider was bemoaning the onset of winter temperatures he heard tell that those planners who had become members of the Million Dollar Round Table were attending the group’s annual meeting in Miami Beach, Florida.

But before anyone gets too judgemental about the MDRT boys and girls, Outsider wants to assure readers that it was not all play and no business for delegates who, in between accessing the beach, could attend sessions on advising clients, marketing, practice management, “top of the table” and “whole person”.

And then, of course, there are the special sessions where people such as Vanessa Van Edwards – the “lead investigator at the Science of People – a human-behaviour research lab” will “turn the latest fascinating scientific research into practical strategies for professional success” while the man who created the world’s first Wi-Fi video doorbell, Jamie Siminoff, talks about “Mission to Disruption”.

All in all, Outsider believes it provides justification for attending a conference in a venue “where tropics meet big-city entertainment in this metropolis by the sea, where white sand beaches complement glittering high rises”.



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