Matchmaking mergers

The superannuation industry is going through a period of consolidation via mergers and Outsider believes he can use some real-life experience to help the process.

What sparked Outsider’s idea was during a super conference, an industry fund chief investment officer was asked what their ideal merging partner would be.

Obviously, it might have created some interest from the regulators should they have mentioned funds by name, but as the CIO danced around the question, they ended describing what sounded like a list of traits for their own ideal mate. 

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This included being purpose driven, responsible with how they use their money, sharing the same beliefs, and ideally from a similar line of work.

However, Outsider notes that matchmaking is not always successful given NGS Super and Australian Catholic Super recently called off their merger.

Now it’s been a while since Outsider has needed to find a merging partner for himself, but he is quite confident he could set up a matchmaking service for super funds. After all, back in the day, your humble Outsider had no trouble finding matchmaking his own friends.

As with traditional matchmaking services, candidates can list their ideal traits of a (merging) partner and the matchmaking service can come back with something more realistic.

And just like with those matchmaking services, Outsider promises to make them as dehumanising as possible.


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