Looking out for the Guggi-egg

Outsider hears that a new game is being played in the financial services industry – Where’s Michael.

The game, apparently, is similar in nature to Outsider’s grandson’s favourite – Where’s Wally – except that the new game pertains to sightings of AMP’s executive director of advice, Michael Guggenheimer.

It seems the “Guggi-egg” has not been easily sighted around AMP’s Sydney Circular Quay bunker for some time, leading some industry wags to invent “Where’s Michael”.

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What Outsider does know, however, is that the “Guggi-egg” last month sold his Darlinghurst apartment for a reported $5.65 million suggesting that whatever the future holds for Guggenheimer he can at least consider a few options.

At the time of writing, Outsider had not heard the outcome of the “employment review” being undertaken by AMP and so it would seem the game will continue apace.

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