Looking forward to a swift one

It was cheers all round in the Money Management office this month as New South Wales eased restrictions for its residents. 

Although, of course, the cheers were all virtual over Zoom as no one is back in the Martin Place office yet, but Outsider appreciated the sentiment all the same. 

While it will undoubtedly be a few weeks yet (or months?) before life is back to normal, Outsider is feeling oddly sentimental about a few things from his lockdown life:

  • Watching MPs argue about intermittent internet connections in Parliament;
  • Hampers being delivered for ‘virtual lunches’; 
  • Seeing the Sydney Harbour out his window rather than on a poster;
  • Mrs O bringing his coffee so no need to go out in the rain; and
  • No need to wake up for Outsider’s 6.30am morning commute. 
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However, regular readers will be aware of Outsider’s view on working from home so there is no need for him to elaborate on how keen he is to return to the city. Back to his desk and back to meeting the great and the good of financial services for a swift half on a Friday afternoon. 

Although with four months’ worth of gossip to catch up on, it may have to be more than just one afternoon a week…

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