Josh talks headwinds, Outsider talks toilet paper

Outsider should be feeling a whole lot more relieved after receiving an e-mail from the Treasurer, Josh Frydenberg, assuring him that while Australia faces economic headwinds, the economy is nonetheless resilient.

And then your ageing and cynical correspondent realised that Josh was talking about the National Accounts and if that was the case then the Treasurer was looking in the rear-view mirror – Australia before the bushfires and before the dreaded toilet-paper eating coronavirus loomed large on the horizon.

Indeed, it took the Treasurer six paragraphs of his reassuring message before he got around to telling Outsider that he needed to be realistic about the challenges ahead which included the full economic impact of the bushfires and the coronavirus.

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But he then added that the Government was working on a targeted response and asserted that Australia’s strong economy and budget would allow our leaders “the flexibility to respond in controlled and targeted way”.

Outsider wonders whether this is much the same controlled and targeted way that supermarket shelves have been denuded of toilet paper, tissues, pasta, rice, flour and sundry other food staples?

Indeed, the toilet paper shortage around Sydney has become so grave that were it not for the fact that Money Management is printed on glossy paper, Outsider would have had his colleagues cutting it into handy squares that can then be strung on a piece of Number 8 fencing wire and then tastefully hung in the most elegant and fastidious bathrooms.

After all, Money Management wants to be there for you in your time of need.

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