James, Jim or Jimmy rather than any Tom, Dick or Harriet

15 May 2020

Outsider is sure he was not the only one who scratched his head in confusion when Elon Musk announced his newborn son would be named X Æ A-12. 

It seems to Outsider that every year that goes by, baby names become more and more creative or perhaps predictable from the Leafs and Rivers of the late 1960s and early 1970s, to the Shanes of the 1990s and more recently the Archies of the 2020s.

Now, Outsider is all for creativity when it comes it naming children as it is hard these days to not associate a name with somebody you already know, a bonus if you actually like the person! However, Outsider frowned as his attention turned to Platinum Asset Management’s so-called “diverse workforce” and had a look at its 36 portfolio managers and analysts.

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Taking a closer look, it seems that if you want to work at Platinum it is better that you are either named James or Jim. In total, Platinum has three James’, a Jim, and a Jimmy.

Two of the James’ and Jimmy also all work in the consumer team along with odd-one out Nick. 

Outsider was upset when he realised that the number of Jims and James’ were more than the number of female portfolio managers and analysts – the number is four if you were wondering, three of whom work in the healthcare team.

Outsider wonders what ‘regular’ official name Elon will give his child as the state of California has rejected X Æ A-12 as an official name. Though, if he wants his child to work at a certain asset manager, perhaps Jim, Jimmy, or James will do.

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