It’s okay to be in financial services

Outsider has no problem acknowledging “bank-bashing” as one of the great Aussie past times.

In fact, he rates it up there as one of the best, right up there alongside sinking tinnies, waving a plastic flag at visiting Royal dignitaries, bowling at Kiwis using non-conventional under-arm techniques, and feeding next month’s mortgage payments into the Queen of the Nile machine at the local RSL.

But it’s fair to say he is less than pleased with the recent worsening in attitudes he has witnessed towards those working in the financial services industry, which has seemed to coincide with the recent revelations out of the Royal Commission into Misconduct in the Banking, Superannuation and Financial Services Industry.

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Indeed, Outsider believes there could be troubling trend towards outright “anti-financial-services-ism” on the rise in this here land girt by sea.

Therefore, in a similar yet completely unrelated vein to what a colourful Queensland senator proposed last week, Outsider reckons that any of those blokes and sheilas in Federal Parliament who have any ounce of courage left should stand up and propose a motion that in Australia “it’s okay to be in financial services …”

… At least until the next round of hearings, when the piercing gaze of “Rowena Shock and Orr” will again have those in the dock inadvertently admitting to having been on the grassy knoll in Dallas back in ‘63.

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