Indy recycles for charity

Few people in the financial services industry do as much charity fund-raising as Fiducian's Indy Singh and Outsider can vouch for the fact that, if you attend the Fiducian Charity Golf Day, then you'd better take your wallet.

Thanks to Indy and the golf day there are thousands of people who have had their sight restored as a result of his support for the Vision Beyond Australia foundation which funds eye surgeries for underprivileged people in India, Myanmar, Nepal and Cambodia.

Outsider reckons that Indy's philosophy is that those of us working the financial services industry should give till it hurts, and he seems to particularly delight in seeing particular fund managers feel pain as they reach for their wallets to purchase sundry items during the auctions and silent auction.

Outsider has also noted that a particular artwork (and he uses the term very loosely) turns up every year, is auctioned off and then somehow reappears to be auctioned off again the following year.

The painting, depicting a couple sitting on a garden bench with the man playing a guitar while dressed in Louis XVI era costume, is certainly not impressionist but it does leave a bad impression.

Which possibly explains why the chap who purchased the painting this year did so on the proviso that he did not have to take it home.

Which possibly also explains why the daub will be auctioned off again in 2016.

Ah recycling. Good for the environment. Good for charity.



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