Indy rates the rater

Outsider’s prize for lasting impression at this year’s Money Management Fund Manager of the Year Awards, apart from a particular dipsomaniac colleague, goes to his mate, Fiducian’s Indy Singh.

Fiducian is the generous sponsor of the Money Management Paraplanner of the Year Award which Indy presented to this year’s winner, RSM’s Chris Cynkar.

However, in doing so, Singh certainly put the awards and ratings houses in context when he took the time to point out that while Fiducian’s funds were top notch, they were not among the Fund Manager of the Year finalists because they were not rated by Money Management's research partner, Lonsec.

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“We don’t need to be rated. We know we’re good,” said Singh.

Indy may, in fact, have a point with the quantitative Crown Ratings conducted by Money Management's parent company, FE, having identified Fiducian as being amongst the top performers with five products deserving of a five-crown rating.

There’s a big difference between “quant” and “qual” where ratings are concerned but, on the upside for Lonsec, the company’s business development team will at least know where they stand when they next go knocking at Indy’s door.

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