Indy and Michael got a gong, what about Outsider?

6 February 2020

Once again, Outsider found himself missing out on an Australia Day award, notwithstanding his contribution to the restaurant industry, single malt manufacture and the sport of golf.

It is not like Outsider has not been trying. He believes that he has helped ensure that some of Sydney’s finest dining establishments have managed to stay in the black and he last year even opted for the purchase of Australian single malts – what else is a chap to do?

But, if Outsider missed out then he is pleased to say that his old mate, Fiducian’s Indy Singh got a gong, not least for his charity work as did Rice Warner founder, Michael Rice, for his work in the industry not least his efforts around equity for women in superannuation.

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Outsider also noted that a couple of television talking heads also got “gonged” on Australia Day but will not dignify the issue by mentioning their names, and he will certainly not be descending into the debate about whether a certain “clinical psychologist” and some time columnist should or shouldn’t have been gonged.

No, Outsider will simply bide his time. Continuing to make his small contribution to the restaurant and hospitality industry and to the furtherance of distilling techniques.

As to golf, well your venerable scribe experienced a bit of a golden patch over the Christmas/New Year period which he fears has come to and end. 

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