Inducement to return to work: Pain in the hip pocket nerve

12 June 2020

Pandemic or no pandemic, Outsider has been back at his desk at Money Management Central for a few weeks now and he knows that Mrs O is grateful that he is no longer under her feet and raiding the biscuit jar.

Thus, Outsider could not help but notice the public relations company which was offering “a story about the strategies and tactics businesses are using to entice and motivate staff back to work”.

Money Management will not be publishing the story, but apparently businesses “are already coming up with ingenious ways to entice staff back to work. These include perks, creative activities, wellness equipment, elaborate desktop accessories, parties and more”.

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Outsider thought about this for exactly a nano-second and concluded that he was obviously missing something. Indeed, he concluded it was probably an age-based thing.

You see, Outsider wondered why, when people are being paid to come to work, they would need any more enticement than the lure of employment and a pay packet.

Now, to be fair, given the nature of the pandemic and the perils of public transport, some of Outsider’s young colleagues are continuing to work from home but he feels sure that when things are back to the new normal they will understand that failure to show up may induce a sharp pain in their hip pocket nerves.

Oh, that’s right, they carry their mobile phones in their hip pockets.

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