If an Outsider screams…

Outsider recently found himself screaming at his computer screen while covering the Association of Financial Advisers (AFA) Evolve conference.

Why, dear reader? Because the AFA’s general manager for policy and professionalism, Phil Anderson, told the virtual audience to do so.

In a bid to connect, Anderson asked: “Who is feeling overwhelmed by the level of regulatory reform? It’s OK to say ‘yes’. In fact, if you feel like it, shout at your screen!”

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Anderson did in fact get a response from his audience as Outsider noticed the chat box on the side of the video started filling up with messages from financial advisers shouting “YESSSSSSSS!!!!!”.

Outsider jumped a little as he felt the anger and exhaustion streaming out from the advice industry. One viewer said they had lost their voice from screaming and another was screaming after losing a valued financial adviser from their team.

Feeling the rage from his fellow viewers, Outsider decided to muster all his strength to shout at his screen once again before he quickly realised he might have disturbed some neighbours and sheepishly looked around and found no one was listening. 

But, did Outsider ever really scream if no one heard it?

Perhaps next time Outsider needs to scream in a chat box to be heard.

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