An idea with very little currency

Outsider has never exactly been quick to embrace new technologies and still hankers after his old Olivetti portable typewriter when it comes time to bash out a newsflash for Money Management's always hungry readership.

The only problem with Outsider using the Olivetti is that his young colleagues complain loudly about having to re-key everything into their confounded laptops – the young can be very intolerant.

Which brings Outsider to the decision of the founder of social media platform Twitter, Jack Dorsey, who has apparently declared that unlike the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, he has no interest in creating a digital currency.

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It seems that Zuckerberg’s outfit has launched a ‘new global currency’ called Libra and it had been speculated Dorsey might embrace the launch of a “Twitcoin’.

Given the nature of social media and its generally loose grip of the facts, Outsider believes Dorsey’s decision to do nothing actually equates to doing a public service.

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