Horsing around or a timely shot in the arm

Outsider was excited when he found out Thai cave rescue diver Dr Craig Challen was to speak at Money Management's Future of Wealth Management – Advice conference as he, in his far-distant youth, dreamt of such underwater adventures.

Breaking up the industry focused panels and networking opportunities at the conference, Challen regaled the delegates about rescuing the young Thai soccer team from the Luang Tham Nang Non cave. 

Sitting at the front with a straight back and eyes wide, Outsider broke into a chuckle when the veterinarian claimed that “anaesthetising dogs and anaesthetising children is about the same”.

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Outsider looked around and saw a number of delegates laughing a little too hard at the joke regarding ‘Special K’.

When Outsider went home to regale his family with the same story he reflected upon whether, perhaps, the Australian Securities and Investments Commission, along with the likes of AMP, were also anaesthetised with the horse tranquiliser over the years during which bad advisers eroded confidence in the financial services industry.

Forgetting such a thought quickly, Outside went back to his own cave diving, in his man cave of course.

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