Horses for courses, bankers for banks

Outsider can think of few personalities more different than Ken Henry and Phil Chronican and so he expects significant cultural change at National Australia Bank now that Chronican has taken the chair.

Where Henry reflects his background as an economist, an academic and a public service mandarin, Chronican is more the quintessential banker having cut his teeth at Westpac during some of its more challenging days, as well as at ANZ.

Outsider also notes that Chronican, while he may be filling in as NAB chief executive, was savvy enough not to have sought full-time appointment to the role possibly because he has been at close quarters to the changing of the CEO guard at three of the major banks – Westpac, ANZ and NAB.

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While Ken Henry’s star may not currently be in its customary ascendancy, Outsider senses that with significant changes likely to occur in Canberra later this year he would do well to dust-off his credentials for the day when tax reform is placed back on the agenda. 


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