Up hill and down Dale, no gain without pain

As most readers of Outsider would know, his view on any form of exercise other than golf is that one should lie down and let the mood pass.

Thus, he had little sympathy for one of his young colleagues who, having detected a post-Christmas muffin-top, decided to emulate his female workmates by carting himself off to the local gym for a series of vigorous workouts.

Now, in Outsider’s extensive experience, gyms are places best avoided but if one must attend, then anonymity is seriously advisable along with the wearing of generously-proportioned garments capable of not only hiding the extent of your Christmas pudding but also allowing you room to actually bend.

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If only Outsider’s young colleague had sought this wise counsel, he might have saved himself the embarrassment of a flushed face, aching joints and the indignity of splitting his (obviously non-stretch) pants and effectively making him one of Money Management's “crack troops”.

Up hill and down Dale, there is no gain without pain.


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