Having a good lie down until the mood passes

No names, no pack drill, but Outsider has heard tell of a recent financial services company off-site (love-in) which ended with two participants being tended to in the emergency department.

Now, of course, Outsider would never attend an off-site on the basis that anything he needs to achieve can generally be achieved on-site – his comfy chair in the man cave not far from the big screen TV.

So, if Outsider had been asked to go mountain biking as part of an off-site bonding session then he would have politely declined and retreated to the Jason Recliner and his comforting bottle of single malt. Young folk are rarely so wise.

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Thus, as Outsider hears it, one off-site participant found himself flying over the handle-bars – something which resulted in stitches, while another female participant was last seen hobbling out on crutches.

Outsider’s advice is that for your next off-site you should consider full contact tiddlywinks or Jason Recliner bonding sessions. Then, too, just a cup of tea, a Bex and a good lie down would probably work.

Outsider intends remaining firmly on-site.

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