Hacking… phishing… SMSishing!?

Outsider likes to keep up with ‘hip’ lingo, but with the new generations feeling more and more like alien colonies for Outsider, he settles for the less-intimidating Parliament to learn about new additions of the English language.

The latest one Outsider heard was ‘SMSishing’ (pronounced ‘smishing’, for those who struggle reading gibberish).

It was CBA chief executive Matt Comyn that explained this new term to Parliament, which was the SMS-specific version of phishing attacks.

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This has been topical at the moment, as like many other Australians, Outsider and Mrs O have been inundated with unsolicited text messages from scam accounts often under the guise of parcel deliveries.

This issue is compounded by the fact that Outsider’s memory is a bit foggy in his age and often struggles to remember if he has actually ordered anything. Though with this extended lockdown in NSW, it was more about deciphering which order had been dispatched for delivery.

Fortunately, this wiley old fox does not get fooled easy but given his own company’s need to bring in extra phishing protections because of colleagues that have been tricked, he’s left to wonder what restrictions he might be subject to comply with over text messaging in the future.

Though Outsider does worry he may get ‘SMSished’ if they worked out that his deliveries revolved solely around scotch and golf.

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