Grumpy Outsider prefers a chook raffle to a tombola

17 April 2020

Anyone who knows Outsider knows that, not unlike the great Groucho Marx, Outsider would not want to join any club which would have him as a member.

And that is why Outsider is currently somewhat more irascible than is normally the case. You see some person who Outsider has never met and probably would never want to meet has sought to deal with the social isolation of COVID-19 by trying to impose a thing called ‘Team Tombola’.

Now, without wanting to be too prejudicial, the mere mention of the word ‘tombola’ should tell readers that the author of this exercise is sitting 
somewhere in the ‘Old Dart’ because any good Aussie would have organised a chook raffle, meat tray or lucky dip but in the United Kingdom the tombola is a staple at parish fairs.

So, Outsider is being asked to electronically reach out to some poor soul working for Money Management's international parent company somewhere in the world and doubtless doing a job which Outsider neither recognises nor understands. What is more he feels sure that his ‘Tombola Match’ probably feels much the same way about him, who wouldn’t?

Now Outsider acknowledges this is possibly a generational thing, because some of his Gen Y and millennial colleagues, those of the Tinder generations, have never understood the importance of pub pick-up lines and have become quite excited about the prospect of making new online friends.

As Outsider said from the outset, he is not in the business of joining clubs that want him for a member. Anyone for a meat tray or chook raffle?



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