Fewer Loitterers for Circular Quay

26 June 2020

You know times are tough when a major consultancy like Deloitte announces the loss of 700 positions in Australia including, apparently, some partners.

Now Outsider is not sure of all the implications of the job losses over at Deloitte given that most of the “Loitterers” have been working from home since March but he does suspect that the next few months might be an opportune time to go shopping for a second-hand European car given that some might find a car lease the least of their worries.

Of course, the Deloitte job losses follow on from those at the other major consultancies such as EY and KPMG and come despite staff having already taken a pay cut, so

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Outsider reckons it is a measure of just how deep the current recession is likely to get. If consultants can’t make a dollar, who can?

He also hopes that the redundancy payments made by Deloitte and any of the other consultancies reflect their pre-COVID-19 
salaries rather than their post-COVID pay cuts.

The question now has to be whether Deloitte’s move to the nearly totally refurbished AMP tower on Sydney’s Circular Quay will be as extensive as might previously have been the case. 

After all, how many floors and harbour views do you need when you’ve got 700 fewer desks to accommodate?

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